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02. Digital Brands

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Meet Our Doctors

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Benjamin T. Sullivan


Janice J. Crum


Bernice N. Pease


Daniel Ward


Darnell D. Womack


Meredith Furlong


Key People

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Adrian Irby


Claude Smith

Creative Director

Randy Moore

Senior Developer

Marlene Stanley

Project Manager

Stuart ODonnell

Executive Director

Sara Owens

Art Director


Here’s a cross section of what our customers across a number of different industries have to say…

“Fabulous looking theme and good support from developer. Takes a little effort to get it structured the way you want it but I love the way it looks.”

XRP Hodler Senior Developer at Ripple

“Awesome theme, still going strong with new updates and features -- our clients love the options! Great updates and support as well.”

Kimmy Gulotta Game Designer at Ubisoft

“Great theme and support. Clean modern design with lots of customizability built-in. All best practices are in place for theme backend options..”

Thomas Shelby Web Designer at Invictus

“Flexible, but some obvious tweaks are not possible without diving into CSS. Good support team will help you.”

Grad Darling Web Designer at Ripple